Thank You For Your Service!

Today is Veterans Day. I wanted to highlight the Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown that empowers veterans and their families. Whether you agree with war or not, it is so important to recognize the sacrifice these brave men and women have made.

As an American citizen I am so grateful that I have the rights I have. Both of my grandfathers served in the military, and I know so many men and women who served.

I am so glad that businesses like this one exists because often times when a veteran returns home they are forgotten and left behind.

Veterans Day is celebrated the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month which was when World War 1 ended. Sadly, veterans make up 12% of the homeless population. 70% of veterans experience substance abuse while 50% deal with mental health issues like PTSD.

Businesses like the Dog Tag Bakery help aid in crises.

Thank a Veteran today.

Let’s Get Grounded!

Flying High!

I stopped by Peregrine Espresso on 14th Street and enjoyed a latte. A peregrine falcon is a powerful bird that dominates the sky. I don’t know about you but when I stop by I am always reminded of how vast the sky is. As I drank my latte, I couldn’t help but think about flying.

Some of my favorite memories involved hopping on a plane. I took my first flight at 6 weeks old (that’s a long story) and have been flying ever since. Many people are intimidated by travel because it seems scary and it seems expensive. I want to encourage more people, especially minorities, to get in the sky and fly!

I wanted to share some of my favorite travel resources that make traveling as a 20 something more attainable.

  1. Student Universe. This is a great resource for students because it gives discounted hotels, flights, and rental cars. I always look on Student Universe first before any other flight booking website.
  2. Sky Scanner. This is also a great resource that you can use especially if you’re not a student.
  3. Take advantage of travel rewards. Many credit card companies give lots of points when you sign up for a credit card. Having a rewards card allows you to get points on everyday purchases. These specific credit cards give you the most bang for your buck!

Flying doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Take advantage of all the resources out there, and let the adventures begin!

Let’s Get Lifted!

The Dream Duo: Music and Coffee

Today I stopped by Songbyrd Cafe in Adams Morgan. I loved the energy in the place! The coffee wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but the vibes made up for it (almost!).

Music is one thing we as humans have in common. No matter race, age, religion, or geography, we all need music. My first introduction to jazz music was in 5th grade when I began playing the alto saxophone after trying 3 other instruments. Then I joined the jazz band in high school, and my band teacher Mr. Keith Oxman made me passionate about the genre. Sadly, I haven’t picked up my saxophone since I graduated high school 4 years ago, but I will always remember listening, and attempting to play, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and Moanin’ by Charles Mingus.

I wanted to share some of my favorite tunes at the moment!

  • -Ugh, Those Feels Again by Snoh Aalegra
  • The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé
  • Everywhere by Chloe x Halle
  • Cuz I Love You by Lizzo
  • Could’ve Been by H.E.R feat. Bryson Tiller

Share your favorite songs and let me know your first introduction to music.

Let’s Get Grounded!

Support Black Business!

Hello world! I have enjoyed searching DC for the best of the best, and I have found some real gems. At Emissary I had a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. It was minty and delicious, and the closest thing I’ll be having to a mojito until my 21st birthday in a month! I loved the vibe in the place, and could feel the good energy. There are so many things I love about coffee shops, but my favorite is the community that is built.

For one of my classes I interviewed an entrepreneur to see what its like building a business from the ground up. When talking to my classmates about their projects, I learned about so many amazing black owned businesses in the DC area. People of color have been denied access to property and money for centuries, so I think it is super inspiring to see so many men and women of color own businesses.

I have compiled a list of some black owned businesses. Support them and show them some love! It takes quite a lot to be an entrepreneur.

  • Calabash Tea Bar, 1847 7th St NW
  • Here’s The Scoop!, 2824 Georgia Ave NW
  • The Spice Suite, 6902 4th St NW
  • Ben’s Chilli Bowl, 1213 U St NW
  • Khepera Wellness, 100 Michigan Ave NE
  • Coffy Cafe, 3310 14th St NW
  • Puddin’, 1309 5th St NE
  • Lettie Gooch, 1921 8th St NW #110

This isn’t all the black owned businesses in DC, but its a list to get you started. We must support each other, or no one will.

Let’s Get Grounded!

Heal the World!

Hello! Today I stopped by Bourbon Coffee. Bourbon Coffee opened its door in Kigali, Rwanda in 2007, and now has coffee shops in DC and Cambridge, MA. Bourbon Coffee is the first coffee chain to originate from Africa. They believe in producing coffee naturally crop to cup. It was a beautiful space where I felt uplifted and joyous. I enjoyed the Virunga roast. The Virunga roast is sweet and vibrant, with a pecan nuttiness and a smooth clover-honey finish ( It was a delightful cup of coffee, and I could tell the beans were grown and harvested with love.

As I was sitting and waiting for my coffee, I thought about our world. We have the luxury of living on such a beautiful, majestic planet, and I feel like we have completely taken it for granted. My mind kept thinking: we’ve got to heal our world. Not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

Being a college student makes sustainable living quite difficult, but I am going to challenge myself to cut down on my plastic use and my overall consumption. I am also going to try and shop with businesses that are taking care of our planet.

I stumbled upon a cool athletic clothing company. Girlfriend Collective takes plastic water bottles and fishing line, and makes athletic workout gear. I think that its ingenious to take something so destructive like plastic water bottles, and use them to make clothing. A great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Check them out, and let them know I sent ya! 😉

Today, find a way that you can help heal our Earth!

Let’s Get Grounded!