Winter Readiness Kit!

Winter is upon us! I enjoyed the last few days of sun here in Washington, D.C. and stopped by Wydown Coffee Bar on 14th St. I really loved the decor in the place, as they used coffee to create really beautiful art.

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of November. I am so ready to ring in the new year. As seasons change, it’s only fitting that our wardrobe changes as well. I am loving several things this season. I have compiled a list of my essentials to help you get ready for the winter season.

  • Uggs. Many people comment on how ugly Uggs are, however, no-one can say that Uggs aren’t comfortable. I have had my Uggs for 3 years now, and they have been through everything. Uggs are a great boot that will endure, while keeping your feet warm.
  • Fluffy coat. I like to be comfortable. Not too hot and not too cold. This season I picked up a nice fluffy jacket from Nordstrom Rack (well technically my mom picked it up) and its warm, but not hot and was only $40.
  • Coffee. I don’t know about you, but I love drinking warm drinks this time of year. It is always so nice and makes me feel cozy, especially when I have to get out of bed early.

Comment down below and let me know what your winter essentials are.

Let’s Get Grounded, and stay warm!

Dealing with Rejection

I took a quick break from campus and went home to celebrate my birthday with family and friends, and to get my big girl license! In between the DMV and my nail appointment, I stopped by Crema, in the RiNo district. Denver, Colorado has been my home for 21 years, and is always changing and evolving. I had a vanilla latte and a butter croissant. I really enjoyed my time sitting and reflecting on the semester and my 21 years on this planet.

Rejection is hard man! This semester has been filled with rejection as I have been deeply entrenched in the job hunt process. I have received a lot of no’s from companies I wanted to work for (one no on my birthday!) and I have shed many tears. I wish I had some remedy for sadness when we face rejection, but I don’t.

Rejection is apart of life and something that we will have to deal with for the rest of our life. Surround yourself with great people who can help lessen the blow, shed whatever tears are necessary, dust yourself off and try again!

Let’s Get Grounded!

Grace Yourselves!

This semester has taught me a very valuable lesson: give yourself grace. This semester has been full of immense pressure as I think about life after college. I have had many sleepless nights and many emotional breakdowns. One thing I know for sure is that it will be okay (I am mostly saying this for myself).

Life is so hectic and it’s easy to think we need to be doing more and achieving greater heights. While evolving is important, it’s also important to recognize that life is about balance. I love spending time with my friends, and getting my nails done. These simple moments remind me that it is so important to breathe. My friends uplift me and make me cut myself some slack.

It is so easy to be hard on yourself, but give yourself a little grace today because you’re doing amazing sweetie (Kris Jenner please don’t sue me)!

Let’s get grounded!

I Need A Break…

Today I stopped by The Cup We All Race For Coffee Shop. It’s a cute little shop located inside The Line Hotel. The place is known for being trendy and chic. I had a chai latte (I NEED A BREAK). I have had so much coffee these past few weeks, I needed to stop and pace myself.

This break from coffee inspired me to think about other things in my life that I need a break from. I never realized how many bad habits I have normalized in my life. We all need breaks, literally and metaphorically, and I think that now is the perfect time to take them!

I have compiled the things I will be taking a break from (yay for lists!).

  • Social Media (I care way too much about Keeping Up With the Kardashians)
  • Shopping (I made a budget and I’m sticking to it!)
  • Stressing (I will find a job and life will be fine!)
  • Stuffing my emotions with food (carbs will not get me down!)

I hope my break inspires you to take a break from whatever it is that is keeping you from being great!

Let’s Get Grounded!

Mid Semester Check In

Today I stopped by Philz Coffee in Adams Morgan. Philz is a unique coffee experience for sure. I had the Philtered Soul medium roast coffee blend. It had notes of hazelnut and chocolate. Smelled great and tasted even better. Philz caters to all your coffee drinking needs. Stop by and let them know I sent you!

While I was walking I came across this mural. It reminded me of the importance of stopping and checking in with yourself. It is the middle of the semester and I am checking in to see how ya’ll are doing. I am tired! Whoever said senior year would be a breeze, lied to me. Balancing 22 credits, finding a job, hanging with friends, mental sanity, and life has been quite the challenge. I can’t believe it’s already October. Three more months until the year is over, and I am reclaiming my time.

Take time to check in with yourself and those around you. Life gets hectic and it is so easy to let things slip through the cracks. Take a pulse of your mental health and your calendar. Honor yourselves and treat yourselves well!

Let’s Get Grounded!

Hair Done, Nails Did!

Good morning world!

Today I stopped by The Coffee Bar on S Street, and let me tell you something: I have never had a better vanilla latte! It’s beginning to look like fall here in the DMV, and I couldn’t be more excited. Howard University Homecoming is rapidly approaching and the whole D.C. area will be shut down. I will definitely be drinking a lot more coffee in the coming days.

I love getting my nails done. When I was younger my mom promised that if I stopped biting my nails she would take me to get a manicure. After my first mani-pedi I was hooked for life. Getting our nails done together has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, we even started including my grandfather in the fun while he was alive. Even now as I am away from home, I enjoy getting my nails done. Self care takes on many different forms, and for me, getting my nails done is a necessity.

You know I love lists, so I have put together a list of the best nail salons in the DMV area. You’re welcome!

DC Nail Spa in Dupont Circle is known for ombre dip powder manicures. This style has become one of my staples thanks to Thai, the best nail tech ever!
Nailbed and Bar is a black owned salon in Anacostia. Super chic and they are all very talented. Obviously!
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Mimosa Nail Salon has several locations throughout the DMV. Great place to have a drink while getting your nails done.
Nail Saloon is a great non toxic salon for those who want the absolute best for their nails.
Last but not least, Veronika at Salon Pejman is known for intricate designs. I have my first appointment with her in a few weeks! I will let you know how it goes.

For me, getting my nails done is the ultimate treat! What is your favorite self care activity? Comment and let me know!

Let’s Get Grounded!