Tis the Season!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Since this will be my first Thanksgiving finally legal, I wanted to compile a list of great holiday beverage ideas that your family will love.


I hope these drinks bring happiness and cheer to your family gathering!

Let’s Get Grounded!

We’ve Reached the End of the Road!

This is a very bittersweet moment for me! Three months ago, I started this blog as a class project. I have always loved drinking coffee, and when this idea came to mind I knew I had to run with it. Since the beginning I have visited 22 coffee shops across D.C., Denver, and Boston. I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish in this short amount of time.

Since the start of the blog, I have turned 21, got a big girl job for after graduation, shed many tears, had many sleepless nights, and drank LOTS of coffee. You all have been so supportive of me as I jumped face first into this whole blogging thing.

To celebrate, I visited Vigilante Coffee in College Park with my dear friend Lo. I am so grateful to my friends and family and everyone who has supported me.

I am not sure what comes next, but until I figure it out…

Let’s Get Grounded!

Dealing with Rejection

I took a quick break from campus and went home to celebrate my birthday with family and friends, and to get my big girl license! In between the DMV and my nail appointment, I stopped by Crema, in the RiNo district. Denver, Colorado has been my home for 21 years, and is always changing and evolving. I had a vanilla latte and a butter croissant. I really enjoyed my time sitting and reflecting on the semester and my 21 years on this planet.

Rejection is hard man! This semester has been filled with rejection as I have been deeply entrenched in the job hunt process. I have received a lot of no’s from companies I wanted to work for (one no on my birthday!) and I have shed many tears. I wish I had some remedy for sadness when we face rejection, but I don’t.

Rejection is apart of life and something that we will have to deal with for the rest of our life. Surround yourself with great people who can help lessen the blow, shed whatever tears are necessary, dust yourself off and try again!

Let’s Get Grounded!


I cannot believe the time has finally come. I am 21!!! Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, I turned 21 surrounded by amazing people. I have been waiting for this day since my 18th birthday, and let me tell you, it hasn’t disappointed. Since my birthday I have made my first wine purchase at Target and enjoyed my first happy hour at Slipstream in Logan Circle. I enjoyed a Vanilla Latte and a Twilight Nitro: a drink with tequila, hibiscus, and cold brew. I am now sitting in the airport getting ready to go home to renew my license. It will no longer say under 21! One thing is for sure: I’m loving this.

To commemorate this moment I was going to compile a list of 21 lessons I have learned, but instead I am going to share my goal for my 21st year. My one and only goal is to live without fear! As I reflect, I realize that fear has held me back and kept me stuck. As I enter my 21st year of life, I am promising myself to live fearlessly. I am cared for by God and supported by so many loving people (some pictured above). There is nothing that can hurt me.

I will be embracing senior year, job hunting, and graduation without an ounce of fear, because I am strong, but my village is STRONGER!

Let’s Get Grounded!

Coffee at Home!

Today I am snuggled up in my favorite comforter drinking a good cup of coffee at home. I have been loving the Wake Up Morning Blend from Trader Joe’s. I have been enjoying this blog project so much! However, drinking coffee at coffee shops is so expensive.

I watch so many videos about how millennials are wasting all their money on bougie coffee shops, and I would have to agree, kinda. Making coffee at home saves you money, probably hundreds a year.

As I prepare for my future financially, I can’t help but wonder if all this coffee is making me poor.

Let’s Get Grounded!

Flying High!

I stopped by Peregrine Espresso on 14th Street and enjoyed a latte. A peregrine falcon is a powerful bird that dominates the sky. I don’t know about you but when I stop by I am always reminded of how vast the sky is. As I drank my latte, I couldn’t help but think about flying.

Some of my favorite memories involved hopping on a plane. I took my first flight at 6 weeks old (that’s a long story) and have been flying ever since. Many people are intimidated by travel because it seems scary and it seems expensive. I want to encourage more people, especially minorities, to get in the sky and fly!

I wanted to share some of my favorite travel resources that make traveling as a 20 something more attainable.

  1. Student Universe. This is a great resource for students because it gives discounted hotels, flights, and rental cars. I always look on Student Universe first before any other flight booking website.
  2. Sky Scanner. This is also a great resource that you can use especially if you’re not a student.
  3. Take advantage of travel rewards. Many credit card companies give lots of points when you sign up for a credit card. Having a rewards card allows you to get points on everyday purchases. These specific credit cards give you the most bang for your buck!

Flying doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Take advantage of all the resources out there, and let the adventures begin!

Let’s Get Lifted!

7 Tips for Interview Success!

This past week I was in Cambridge, MA for a job interview. These past few weeks I have been interviewing like a mad woman. It seems like interviewing is a right of passage in the business school. After my interview, I stopped by Haute Coffee and enjoyed a vanilla latte. Fall was in the air, and the streets were clean and peaceful.

As we are all trying to get in our bags, I wanted to share 7 tips to help you ace your interview and get the job!

  • Research the company and the role. Companies want to know that you know something about where you’re interviewing and why you’re interviewing.
  • Look up common interview questions. Glassdoor is a great resource. Even a simple Google search can do wonders for your preparation.
  • Have quality questions for the interviewer.
  • If you know who you will be interviewing with, look them up on LinkedIn. This will help you ask more guided questions.
  • Use the STAR method. Situation, task, action, and most importantly, results.
  • Dress the part. Know the culture of the company where you are interviewing, and know how to dress. Usual rule of thumb: no jeans!
  • Send a follow up thank you note. I really love this last tip because it goes a long way. Recruiters are working hard and interviewers are busy. Thanking them shows that you are conscientious and a team player.

These are just my favorite tips for interview success. I hope that these tips are helpful.

Go get that job sis!

Let’s Get Grounded!

Grace Yourselves!

This semester has taught me a very valuable lesson: give yourself grace. This semester has been full of immense pressure as I think about life after college. I have had many sleepless nights and many emotional breakdowns. One thing I know for sure is that it will be okay (I am mostly saying this for myself).

Life is so hectic and it’s easy to think we need to be doing more and achieving greater heights. While evolving is important, it’s also important to recognize that life is about balance. I love spending time with my friends, and getting my nails done. These simple moments remind me that it is so important to breathe. My friends uplift me and make me cut myself some slack.

It is so easy to be hard on yourself, but give yourself a little grace today because you’re doing amazing sweetie (Kris Jenner please don’t sue me)!

Let’s get grounded!

Adia’s Book Club

Today I stopped by The Potter’s House. It is a non profit organization with books and meeting rooms. It is a place where you can grab a cup of coffee while staying engaged in the community. I had a vanilla latte.

Being in a bookstore always gets me excited! I have always loved reading ever since I read my first chapter book, Junie B. Jones. I am so grateful that the people who I grew up with made reading cool and stressed the importance of staying informed. Books made me think critically and question the status quo. They have encouraged me to dream big dreams. While the books I read now have changed, my thirst for knowledge and a good story remains the same.

This year I read a very transformative book.

The Defining Decade by Dr. Meg Jay was one of the best books I’ve read for 20 somethings. She gives real tangible advice grounded in her experience as a Psychologist to 20 somethings. I am so grateful that I came across that book because it transformed how I think about money, relationships, and the most defining decade of my life: my 20s.

Let me know your favorite books!

Let’s Get Grounded!