Hair Done, Nails Did!

Good morning world!

Today I stopped by The Coffee Bar on S Street, and let me tell you something: I have never had a better vanilla latte! It’s beginning to look like fall here in the DMV, and I couldn’t be more excited. Howard University Homecoming is rapidly approaching and the whole D.C. area will be shut down. I will definitely be drinking a lot more coffee in the coming days.

I love getting my nails done. When I was younger my mom promised that if I stopped biting my nails she would take me to get a manicure. After my first mani-pedi I was hooked for life. Getting our nails done together has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, we even started including my grandfather in the fun while he was alive. Even now as I am away from home, I enjoy getting my nails done. Self care takes on many different forms, and for me, getting my nails done is a necessity.

You know I love lists, so I have put together a list of the best nail salons in the DMV area. You’re welcome!

DC Nail Spa in Dupont Circle is known for ombre dip powder manicures. This style has become one of my staples thanks to Thai, the best nail tech ever!
Nailbed and Bar is a black owned salon in Anacostia. Super chic and they are all very talented. Obviously!
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Mimosa Nail Salon has several locations throughout the DMV. Great place to have a drink while getting your nails done.
Nail Saloon is a great non toxic salon for those who want the absolute best for their nails.
Last but not least, Veronika at Salon Pejman is known for intricate designs. I have my first appointment with her in a few weeks! I will let you know how it goes.

For me, getting my nails done is the ultimate treat! What is your favorite self care activity? Comment and let me know!

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