The Roommate Playbook

This has been quite the semester for me. Busy doesn’t begin to describe it, but maybe the fact that I am drinking coffee at 10:30pm will. When in need of a late night coffee break, head on over to Tryst in the heart of Adams Morgan. I had a classic latte, what is your drink of choice?

Football season is among us, and while I am not a sports fan, I know one thing: teams all across the country are preparing their playbooks for the upcoming season. For many 20 somethings we will inevitably have to deal with roommates. I have put together a roommate playbook, to help you prepare for the upcoming season!

I am honestly tired of roommates. As an only child, coming to college and experiencing a roommate was almost traumatic for me. Out of all my roommate experiences, nothing compares to staying in a roach infested 2 bedroom apartment with 9 people in New York City. This summer I had an internship in the big apple, and I wanted the cheapest housing option possible. BIG MISTAKE! Let’s just say someone drinking my Whole Foods Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice was the final straw (I’m still mad about that).

While your roommate experiences hopefully won’t be as crazy as some of mine have been, I hope these tips can help you navigate the unpredictable waters of sharing space with someone.

  1. Create boundaries upfront!
  2. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (not an acronym I just love the song)
  3. Communicate regularly
  4. Don’t be afraid of (healthy/necessary) conflict
  5. Actually fill out the roommate contract

Sharing your space can be scary at times, but use this roommate playbook to ensure you and your roommates create memories and not nightmares!

Let’s Get Grounded!

And PS, triple check before purchasing an AirBnB!

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