3 Tips for a Hot Girl Semester!

Today was a good day!

The first stop on this train ride is the Colada Shop, right in the heart of DC. This vibrant coffee shop prides itself on bringing Cuban life and flare to the city. I got my usual: cafe con leche, Miami sweet! I can’t wait to visit Cuba, but until I get the chance, I’ll be on T Street getting grounded.

Thanks to Megan Thee Stallion, we’ve all being having a Hot Girl Summer! I spent my summer in the concrete jungle, where I shopped, ate, and had too much fun. My New York City Summer was as hot as can be, and my wallet is still in recovery (bars!).

Unfortunately, the school year is upon us and threatening to blow out our flame. Luckily, I have 3 tips that will keep you burning hot all semester long!

  1. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. I am the queen of planning ahead. My friends will tell you I plan too far ahead, but nonetheless, preparing will always be your friend. Prepare dinner for the week in advance, Prepare for all your upcoming assignments weekly or monthly, and prepare a budget (not my strong suit)!
  2. Make Time for Friends. At this point in our lives, we are the freest we will ever be. Don’t sit alone and waste away, get out and play! Go on great adventures and fill your days with laughter.
  3. Get Help When You Need It. This is a tough one for me, because I often act like a lone wolf. People are so willing to help 20 somethings, so please reach out. You never know what someone else can do for you until you ask.

Don’t let this semester cool you down. Stay hot with these tips! Let me know your tips for a Hot Girl Semester.

Let’s Get Grounded!

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